Pro memberships and features

Workflowy Pro Features

  • Unlimited Lists
    Pro users can make as many lists and items as they want. Non-pro users are limited to 250 per month.

  • Backup to Dropbox 
    Never worry about losing your WorkFlowy data. Have full backups automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account every day.

  • Password Protected Collaboration 
    Pro users can share parts of their WorkFlowy account with specific people, verified by email address and password.

  • Theme and Fonts 
    Pro users get to change the look and feel of WorkFlowy with a library of themes and fonts. Make your WorkFlowy more personal.

  • Premium Support 
    We answer emails from Pro members first.

To upgrade to Pro, go the Settings menu at the top right of the page (from the web or desktop app). In the Settings there will be a "Workflowy Pro" box on the right, with a "Learn more" button. Once you click that you'll be able to upgrade from there.

Pro memberships are set up for auto-renewal and are charged to the credit card you signed up with.

You can cancel at any time, and  your membership will last until the end of the period you paid for.

You will never lose content after you cancel a Pro membership.

You can always re-sign up as a Pro member.






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    Is this available for iOS?

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    Alexander Malandin


    Have you thought of reviewing your pricing policy?

    In my view it could bring you more revenue. I suppose that there are people like myself that don't need all the Pro features yet but are in love with your service and would be glad spare a dime. I am using another productivity system along with Workflowy that is roughly twice less expensive in terms of yearly subscription. I simply cannot justify the price even though I'd really love to support the project (again, this is solely because Workflowy isn't my primary productivity system and I understand that this may not be the case for others).

    Do you think it is too remote from how things are in reality?



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    I really agree. It's just too expensive for me. It really depends on your financial situation however. If I was making 40k per year, it wouldn't be much of an issue, and I'd happily pay the the money.

    I have to admit that I am looking now at alternatives.

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    CalDav support and reminders are badly needed features even in the free version. If you dropped the price I'd gladly pay. Like Alexander said, I think many users would pay if it wasn't so expensive. Backing up to dropbox and changing the theme is currently not worth the cost.

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    Seán Bardong

    Is there any thought or planning direct at implementing the Dropbox backup capability on Google Drive?

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    Lasse Pedersen

    Can the dropbox backups be "segmented" or is there any way that this "data stream" can be used to filter out a limited view of my WorkFlowy data?

    That would be a reason to upgrade to paid subscription for sure.

    I am looking for a way to extract certain things over time in relation to certain tags. (Such as, tagging action items or ideas in my journals and worknotes and easily transfer them to e.g. my task manager).

    One way I have been examining so far, without luck, is any way to export/convert a WorkFlowy page (preferably an URL with a tag search as part of it) to any kind of feed.

    For example, a sort of RSS feed where I could "catch" items added over time. (File export daily is too cumbersome if not automated).

    Getting it into e.g. an RSS feed would be a BRILLIANT way to get a channel to hook up Workflowy to the big web service eco system through IFTTT and Zapier.

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    Mark Permann

    I agree with Sean - I would prefer to see backup on Google Drive. 

    Dropbox backup is not very useful without a business account, because text search only works if you have a business account, as per 

    The cheapest business account is $12.50 a month: 
    Please consider offering Google Drive backup as an alternative, if not replacement, to Dropbox - full text search is standard on Drive regardless of storage plan or account type.
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    Alex Kamysz

    Where do I buy pro?? Can't find it anywhere online. What am I missing? Lol

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