How to get started with Workflowy

WorkFlowy is free-form and you can use it however you like, yet it is very powerful for creating lists, note-taking, and organizing virtually any sort of information.
We suggest you watch the Help videos in the Help section at, and this tutorial is also good...
You should have received an email on how to get started....but here's what we suggest to people who are not sure what to do.  There's also more support on our web version at 
  1. Go to (or do it from your iOS device)
  2. Create top-level items called 'Personal' and 'Work'.
  3. Click the bullet point next to 'Personal' to zoom in.
    • Create a 'Chores' item. List under it everything you need to do in the next week.
    • Create a 'Goals' item.List under it everything you want to get done in the next month and year.
  4. Zoom out and start on the 'Work' section.
If you're using the iOS version, here is some basic info....
In the iOS app when you click on a line, buttons to Complete, add a note or indent/outdent will appear at the top of the screen.  You can also tap an item, hold and drag it to move it.  To delete, you need to backspace.

This should be enough to get you started. 



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    Tina Watkins

    This is sadly very thready help! I went to (I also tried the app on my ios) and I can't find a way to "create top level items". Anything I seem to be able to create is a single list. And my connection is too slow to see any of your videos. I saw this app highly recommended on a blog, but personally, I think I'm finished with Workflowy.

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Tina, all items in the list are zoomable, and become top level items if you create child items.  there is a tutorial that guides you when you get started, as well as many help items in our knowledgebase.  This one is particularly helpful about what you're needing:

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    Tina Watkins

    THANK YOU!! NOW it all makes sense! I'm sure the videos explain it well, but for those of us without the ability to view the videos, I wish these pages had been easier to find.

    I think I'm going to love working with workflowy!

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