How can I create pages?

Workflowy is actually one long document at a high level, however you can zoom (click) to each of the bullets/levels and they will appear as their own "pages".  So just create as many bullets as you wish at the top level, then each one of them will be it's own virtual page after you click on the bullet to zoom in.  The new "Starred Pages" feature lets you create more of what appear to be pages, but they're really like bookmarks to zoomed items/pages.

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    Richard Wollard

    Found this after I posted my question about pages or work spaces. Was just curious if this will always be the logic that followed, or if it might change in the future?

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    Raquel Carr

    Thank you!

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    This is really very unintuitive.

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    Richard Pickett

    You really need to rethink using the term "page" and "pages".

    You guys can't even make up your mind on what to call them.  "Pages" definately doesn't fit, especially when you say "Workflowy is actually one long document..."

    If you're communication isn't clear on it how do you expect your customer base to intuitively figure it out?

    When you see that you can "Show starred pages" you're given the idea that there are separate pages, so looking for the way to "create a new page" which you can then "start". is frustrating.

    Think about the way all your videos talk about "pages" - start with your welcome video.

    The first words out of your mouth "When you first start using workflowy you'll just have a blank page.  I'm going to show you what I recommend doing with that blank page.  First I would create two items."

    Already you've told us that the main thing you see at the beginning is a page, and you're not creating new pages with those items, you're just creating items.

    This view is pervasive throughout your communication.

    Until you get to "stared pages." Suddenly now you want to try to redefine all your terms.


    I recommend you developing the ability to have separate pages for the following reasons:

    1.  "Pages" gives people a clear way to separate different lists.  That's how people view things.  They think they'll have one page for work, one for personal, etc.

    2.  When you share a "page" there's a certain amount of discomfort that "I'm actually sharing just a portion of this one 'page' with others, I hope nothing from my personal part of this 'page' ends up in the shared section and others see it.  Or worse, that sharing this section ends up getting translated into sharing the entire page."

    The change I'm recommending shouldn't be difficult.  Just (a) take your high-level items as the names of the documents/pages and (b) create a "view pages" similar to the "view starred" that lists those documents with a filter for started/not started (maybe even text search).  And (c) when someone opens a page there isn't a "home" link that takes them back to the top-level, because now the top level for a page is the page name item, not "home".

    I think your back end would be able to work the same, it's just different with how you present it to the user in a few areas.

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    Benjamin Martin

    What he said^

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