How to share or collaborate using Workflowy




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    Patrick Cole

    Is it possible for someone who has a list that is shared to be notified by email when a user updates a possible assignment?

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    Mike Edwards

    One thing to clarify for users... You say "Once any shared link is viewed by another user, they will also have the option of adding (or embedding) that list into their own account by clicking a button that will appear towards the bottom of their screen."

    One key thing... you need to be signed into to the web version of Workflowy for this "button" to appear. You will be able to see the shared bullet/topics even if you are NOT signed into the web version. However, you will only see the button to add to your own account when signed into web version. Further, if you are only signed into the Workflowy "app" (as I typically am) the button also does not appear on the shared link/bullet webpage.

    Once you sign into the web version, the button appears at the bottom of the shared link/bullet and you can add the shared link/bullet to your account. The shared link/bullet then instantly appears in the Workflowy app version of your account.

    Took me a while to figure this out so thought I would share...

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    Jennifer S

    When I embed/add a shared workflowy to my own workflowy, do updates or changes happen to or through both lists?

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    Darby Sager

    1. If I share with someone, can they edit my outline?

    2. If I edit my outline after sharing, will those edits be reflected in the outline that was shared out?  ....   or is what I've shared a point-in-time snapshot?

    Thanks much!

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    Craig Faustus Buck

    I don't get any button on either the linked list or my home lists page to move the linked list to mine.

    I also don't see all my lists on my phone that I have on my computer, even though I am signed in on both with the same username/pw. I do see some of them, though, and they sync.

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Hi all,

    We apologize for the lack of responses in the Zendesk FAQ section for this topic and others. The FAQ's were initially implemented for posting articles, and as Zendesk enabled comment features, we did not have resources and a good system in place for monitoring and following up on comments until now. Please do feel free to log support and feature requests at and follow our blog at for latest developments.



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