How can I expand and collapse bullets?

There are a few expand/collapse functions.....

1. Expand/Collapse all - just double click the Workflowy icon.  Please note, this feature is not available in the new Google Chrome app, but hopefully will be added in the future.
2. Expand/Collape all under one parent item - zoom in on the parent, then double click on the parent text
3. Expand Collapse level by level, under one parent - zoom in on the parent, click on the name of the zoomed item (at the top in big font) and then using the ctrl+up/down shortcuts while focused on that item. It will expand or collapse all items below the zoomed item to the same level. Note: On Mac, you would use cmd+control+up/down

4. And lastly, the control+spacebar keys opens and collapses lists when the title is selected.

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    too complex

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    Oliver Kulinski

    I like the first option. I wish it was in the app.

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    khing blue

    If it's impossible to add it in Chrome app, can you make it available as a menu item? 

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    Alberto Cherubini

    As mentioned elsewhere, 4 is the one I use most, but what would be really nice is the ability of collapsing a node while the cursor is on one of its childeren (maybe ctrl+shift+spacebar?)

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    Is there any way to collapse/expand all lists in the iPad app? If not, would be great to see this! Thanks.

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    Miguel Garza

    #2 was disabled a few days ago while the Workflowy team works on optimizing the app:


    #4: Mac users might think this would be Cmd-Space on that platform...nope, it's still Ctrl-Space! Also, I was confused and thought this meant to perform the shortcut on a zoomed-in title. Nope, the keyboard focus needs to be on just a regular item in a list. This is the same behavior as Cmd/Ctrl + Up/Down arrow keys, just a different key combo.


    Also, not sure if this was a feature when this article was originally posted, but now you can double-click on the expand/collapse symbol for any item to expand all the items under that parent.



    Edited by Miguel Garza
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