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    Do the apps (Android and Iphone) sync to computer?

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Yes, the mobile apps will sync to your account

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    Can I use Dropbox with my iPhone/iPad?

    Is there a Pro option for iOS?

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    Daniel Jacobson

    On the ios app, when using @ and # there is no predictive text like on the browser version. will this be added? It saves precious time!

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    Steve Lang

    There are some missing features in the iOS app/iOS browser version:

    Dark Theme (or other themes)

    Ability to 'star' pages and switch between them

    Many useful keyboard commands, such as CMD-space

    Cursor arrows don't allow you navigate beyond current item

    As a result, the user experience on an iPad is not nearly as good as on say a Chromebook (or desktop browser). Are any improvements coming?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

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    Junyu Wu

    The user experience on an iPad or iPhone is not so good. I think you should implement the app in iOS native way instead of a hybrid implementation, the user experience is really different.

    For example when I'm sliding the lists the touch event always makes mistake. And it's missing the navigation history function like the web browser which is very useful if you are jumping between many different lists.


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    Diedre Braverman

    I agree that there is room to improve the iOS app. But I must add that the app's existence is critical to many potential users.

    I have had a workflowy login for years, but today is the first time I have ever really attempted to adapt it to my work style. The difference between now and my previous fiddlings is due to the addition of the iOS app. This time, I have the confidence that I can access my most important information wherever I am, even if the place does not have wifi.

    And the ability to not just view, but use Workflowy offline is critical - anyone else want to do a little organizing while stuck on a flight? The assurance that when I go back online it will sync with my web-based version is critical.

    (And I am aware that you must not make changes anywhere other than the one device you have chosen until that device has been fully synced to avoid loss of data. And so are you, now that you've read this comment!)

    From me: a YES to Workflowy entirely because of the existence of its iOS apps. And if I can figure this thing out enough to get actual value from it, I'm 100% likely to upgrade to Pro.

    Personally, I do hope that the Workflowy team considers the suggestions here, especially Daniel Jacobson's and Steve Lang's.

    Thank you, Workflowy Team, for an absolutely necessary iOS app! I'm so glad I can finally use this underground celebrated software. I predict the addition of the mobile apps will launch Workflowy from an underground favorite into a major Productivity and Organization Solution.

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    How about dedicated # and @ buttons to make it several taps easier to add a tag?

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    Rathish Marthandan

    I have few help regarding iOS app:

    1) How to rearrange the notes in iOS app

    2) How to delete note in iOS app

    3) How to multi select in iOS app

    4) How to favourite a note in iOS app

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    Jay Collier

    I really like the iOS app. However, we need an better method for deleting an item than pressing delete dozens of times.

    How about an additional button at the top to the right of Complete and Note?

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    Shannon Speaks

    Is there a way to synch an iPhone on demand?

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    I fully agree with Steve Lang on one specific point - the ability to navigate between bullets via bluetooth keyboard arrow keys.  For a touch typist, it is impossible to use the iOS app without this functionality.  I currently carry around my older Android tablet solely because arrow keys on Android attached bluetooth keyboards work properly.

    Sasha - is there any plan for this implementation as part of the improvements you refer to?  Thanks!

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    Herb Caudill

    Agree that the user experience on the iOS app is vastly inferior to the web app. I use the physical Apple keyboard on an iPad Pro, and can't use any of the keyboard shortcuts - or even use the arrow keys to navigate. Thanks!


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    tl;dr : iOS feature request : swipe right/left to indent/outdent

    In just a few days, I'm absolutely loving Workflowy (pro). The iOS app is problematic though. Have you looked at the navigation of "Outliner Pro" for iOS. Simple swipe right/left to indent/outdent is incredibly useful. The rest of that app's nav is great too (x's for deleting active items, handles for multi-select & drag, "done" button to collapse keyboard, etc). Your overall model of navigating (zoom) is fantastic though!

    I love what you guys are doing and can't wait to see future feature improvements. Thanks!

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    Alexey Brykalov


    I'm using hash tags. And on web version auto complete works. But in iOS app it doesn't work. It is very inconvenient.

    Can you make auto complete for tags also on iOS app? 

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    audrey orenstein

    I'm a new user and have found the iOS to be almost enough for my needs - my list is still under 250 items (but not much under).  At this point I'd really love to HIDE COMPLETED, so that they won't take up so much screen space on navigation.  As i continue to use this app, I know this will become a larger issue as I COMPLETE things on my todo list.  Perhaps I should just delete them, but I like to keep a record to go back to.  For those days when I ask myself "Did I do  blah, bah, blah?"

    Any ideas when more features will be coming down the pike?

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    Chad Hall

    I work solely in ios so the bare minimum passbility that is the ios app is a huge frustration. These are the three changes most important to me:

    • no ablity to share links to notes. I have to go to mobile safari and load the exact thing I’m looking at in the app just to get the link
    • not being able to move between bullets without using the touch interface. I’m using an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard. I’d like the up and down arrows to move me arround as they do on the desktop. 
    • The most baffling thing to me is having the expand buttons on the right side of the screen. When you expand something with 30 other colappased items inside of it there in no way of telling with + will expand which item. It usually takes me two to three atemots to expand the right thing because the text is so far away from these buttons on an iPad with landscape.

    I’ve come and gone several times from Workflowy in the past few years because of the almost nonexistent development cycle. I really like workflowy so I’m hoping that changes. $5 is a lot of money for something that never improves.





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    Hi. I am a workflowy user, like it very much. but i found that on mobile devices, it would be easy for me to make typos and mistakes. I am wondering is it ok to develop a read-only on-off switch that could let me ONLY READ on my mobile device and edit on my PC chrome version. Thanks for your work.

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    Vlad GURDIGA

    Definitely thank you for the existing of the iOS app — it wouldn’t have been as useful to me as is it! 👍

    There are two thing that I’m missing:

    1. a back button — huge!!
    2. the ability to select the web browser to open links — nice to have

    Thank you! 👋

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    Andy Park

    WorkFlowy is so good, but the app... well it can use some improvements. Have you ever considered open-sourcing the app so people can volunteer improvements?

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Hi all,

    We apologize for the lack of responses in the Zendesk FAQ section for this topic and others.  The FAQ's were initially implemented for posting articles, and as Zendesk enabled comment features, we did not have resources and a good system in place for monitoring and following up on comments until now.  Please do feel free to log support and feature requests at and follow our blog at for latest developments.



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    David Joliat

    I love many so things about the pc browser based workflowy program. There are a number of improvements I would hope WF can make soon, such as a real time calender tab, truly separate pages: separating work from personal, etc. and some automatic cross-referencing.

    But the deal make or breaker for me is not having some key features on the IOS versions. I just checked the latest update on the app store and find that the version I have on my iPhone and IPad (which I use everyday on the road) still does not allow me to select more than one task bullet at a time. If I have a 24 item meeting agenda or task list that I want to update or copy into a doc, such as word, it can only be done one bulllet at a time, which is tediously slow. 

    Do you see this limitation being improved on in the near future?

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