Hidden Search Operators

First of all, for general understanding.....if you hover over a bullet it will show you "last changed", which also is applicable to items that are created, modified, or completed.  Therefore, by using special search operators, you can view items that were completed within a certain number of days.
First, you must ensure that your setting to hide completed items is set to visible.
You can then use any of the following searches.....
This will show you all completed items
This will show you all completed items within a given time frame (i.e. 7 days).
This will show you items that were "changed" in the last 7 days (will include create, modified, or completed)
Here is a blog article on our hidden search operators.....
Using these searches in tandem with the "last changed" date stamp that shows when you hover over an item is very powerful.
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    Neil Quateman

    Is there a date field that can be searched, and ideally displayed, for "Date Created"?

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    Yariv Sade

    Agree with Neil, that would be a great feature!


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    Brian Mayer

    Maybe not hidden, but a non-obvious search operator I love is the negative hashtag. I use WFY internally and sometimes I need to copy/paste a large chunk to be shared with a client outside of WFY. All the portions that are internal only get a #internal tag.

    Before I copy, I do a search on -#internal and it hides any internal sections. Boom.

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    Jad Khoriaty

    The negative operator combined with a tag does not hide tasks that have sub-tasks that do not have that tag. Is that a bug or is that by design?

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    Why hide features from your users? Do you hate us? Think we're foolish? Can't handle them?  Of course not. So don't hide. Hiding features sends a negative message.  Document, document, document.

    Also, the referenced blog entry is now 5  years old.  By now, the "hidden" features had time be written up properly.

    I guess I feel kind of cheated; these could have really helped me earlier had I known about them sooner.




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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Date created can be viewed as the "Last changed" if there has not been any change.

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