Hidden Search Operators




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    Neil Quateman

    Is there a date field that can be searched, and ideally displayed, for "Date Created"?

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    Yariv Sade

    Agree with Neil, that would be a great feature!


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    Brian Mayer

    Maybe not hidden, but a non-obvious search operator I love is the negative hashtag. I use WFY internally and sometimes I need to copy/paste a large chunk to be shared with a client outside of WFY. All the portions that are internal only get a #internal tag.

    Before I copy, I do a search on -#internal and it hides any internal sections. Boom.

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    Jad Khoriaty

    The negative operator combined with a tag does not hide tasks that have sub-tasks that do not have that tag. Is that a bug or is that by design?

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    Michael Tuchman

    Why hide features from your users? Do you hate us? Think we're foolish? Can't handle them?  Of course not. So don't hide. Hiding features sends a negative message.  Document, document, document.

    Also, the referenced blog entry is now 5  years old.  By now, the "hidden" features had time be written up properly.

    I guess I feel kind of cheated; these could have really helped me earlier had I known about them sooner.




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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Date created can be viewed as the "Last changed" if there has not been any change.

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