Internal links, deep links and images disappear



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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi Luigi,

    I noticed that sometimes internal links don't work, especially when they are old. 

    This would happen if you've deleted the destination list that the link points to... and you will then be directed to your home page. 

    For example, I get a link that is, while it should be

    Several things might have happened. One such example would be if you mirror a list and then delete the original. Mirrors all have different URLs.

    We're looking into image issues. One thing you can try is clearing your image cache with this tool: 



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    Luigi Bonini

    Hi Frank, thanks for the tip on images.

    The internal links that I had to recreate were actually pointing to destinations still existing, maybe they were just moved, that's why I was thinking about a problem of corruption or some other bug. Or maybe with updates (or other processes) the links of each bullet get reconfigured, that's why the original internal links don't work anymore.

    This is the same thing that tends to happen with deep links.

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