Prefix between real nodes and mirrors sometimes is little bit too subtle


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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Even a better solution for this would be to just leave the subtle icon prefix as it is now (circle vs rhombus).

    But add the super useful little superscript number at the right end of the line of each mirror indicating how many times that item is mirrored!

    This solution is amazing because not only increments the visual differentiation between normal nodes and mirrors, but it also adds a super useful functionality, which is to see how many times that node is mirrored, not only that, but if you hover over the little superscript number, you can even see the paths where those mirrors are located and directly navigate there by clicking on any of them!

    This is the way the most modern outliners like Roam Research, Legend, Logseq, Remnote, etc are doing it. And I don't mean WorkFlowy should replicate everything they do, I love WorkFlowy minimalistic style and extreme simplicity; but in this specific case, I believe this solution must be implemented as it helps in many ways and solves many problems:

    1. It adds a more prominent visual cue to differentiate mirrors,
    2. it provides the user with an extra bit of crucial information (how many mirrors of that node exist), and
    3. it also gives the ability to jump straight to any of those other nodes within a single click!


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