Function "move to |destination|" on the menu



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    John Doe

    I felt that this was the best option because on mobile the drag and drop is really a hurdle, especially while you try to drag and drop on a tab between columns.

    That's true that i could use "((" but i feel like there will still be 2 steps leftthat are not really necessary...

    Let me know what you think ! :)

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    John R Haiduk

    This was on my list of improvements so I'm happy you beat me to it! Google Drive 'move' functionality was a good example of what would be ideal. After over 6 months of using Workflowy daily, its hard not to use it like a Drive with folders/documents (bullets = folders/documents in this case).

    Like you mentioned, its totally possible to workaround currently, but would make life SO much easier if implemented - especially on mobile!!

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