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    Lourdes Cosio

    Please, it is essential to be able to export, with images, in a proper format. IDEALLY:  export to a Word and also to a PDF, in a format that is readable (rather than indented to the point of incomprehensibility, with a column of single letters 400 pages long), shareable, and saveable.   I'm creating a work document that's like a manual. It needs to be able to be printed.  If I have to format the current export into a printable document, I will end it all. Seriously.  Please get this done. It is ESSENTIAL TO THE USABILITY AND VIABILITY OF WORKFLOWY. Please note I'm a HUGE FAN.  But if our Internet is cut off for whatever reason, WE ARE SCREWED. It's a GIANT vulnerability. PLEASE FIX IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


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    Pete Mauro

    I love using images but I am forced to screen shot pages that I want to quickly share in slack, etc.

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