search parameter when a bullet has a date



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    Mark E Kendrat

    How about

    has:date - any date with or without a time
    has:time - any date that has a time
    has:justdate - any date that does not have a time


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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    You can search for a range of dates by adding a hyphen between two dates... 

    2017 - 2022

    January 2021 - today


    That way you can attempt to include all items that have date stamps...

    ... however I don't think it's possible to exclude a date range... so here's a possible strategy:

    exclude a big enough period... like a whole year:


    So if in a particular project all of your dates are from 2022... you can exclude all nodes with a date stamp.

    Let me know if this works!


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    Johan Deknudt

    I actually found another way. a reddit user was asking for it. 
    to make sure he has everything appointed to him planned he wanted to show everything with a certain tag with a past date or no date.

    How to create a search filter that looks for a tag with EITHER a past date or no date?

    date:past #todo doesn't show the tags without the date. 

    date:past #todo OR #todo adding OR #todo wasn't doing the trick either. as it was showing everything again.

    date:past #todo OR #todo -date:future did the trick

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