MFA Switched Off but still enforced


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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi Lucy,

    There are 2 different dynamics here. And it might not be very clear to everyone:

    1. On your end, MFA is indeed "switched off". Here's more about the MFA feature on our blog:

    2. Then there's your login method, which can either be code-based or password-based. So that you don't have to go to your email and retrieve a code every time you want to log in, you can change to a password-based login in your Settings menu... or by following this link:  

    As far as the number of bullets used, it may be that instead of logging into an existing account, you created a new account... and some new accounts are prepopulated with a template/ practice outline. I don't have access to check and see what's happening on your end... so would you send me an email to from your WorkFlowy email address? 🙏

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