When I create but delete bullets, does it count towards the monthly bullet limit?



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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi Celeste,

    Good question. Would you try following through with both points above and letting me know? There's a counter in your Settings menu which will keep track of this.

    I do know that we have tested with both possibilities... at one point bullets deleted reduced the count, while at another time it didn't make a difference because we were counting all bullets created. I've lost track of the dynamic 😬

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    Escada Celeste

    From your answer I understand that the tracking isn't that strict (or at least not that clear), and the limit probably won't blow if I keep deleting unused bullets. I asked about the official stance because I'm not that great at keeping track of things!

    But I'll try to see if I figure out the tracking. Would you come again and tell me if you have further information?


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