Experimenting with start dates and deadlines


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    Pető Zoltán

    So you want to do this:

    1. filter all dates before today
    2. filter all dates after today
    3. filter all dates after today within a time range (e.g. next 7 days)

    You can avoid the cumbersome 1900 / 2099 filtering by using this:

    1. date:past -today
    2. date:future -today
    3. tomorrow - 7 days

    Maybe these possibilities have been added in the last year.

    But... how dates really work:

    • All dates are full timestamps, including hours and minutes.
    • Dates given without time have 12:00pm set, i.e. 00:00, which is the beginning of the day (BOD).

    So what you really need is simply:

    1. date:past
    2. date:future
    3. ?

    They work correctly, considering that dates are timestamps. And they are better and more precise, because we can have deadlines with timestamps within today.

    So we should re-think how we use dates. They are not only dates. It means the following:

    • 'overdue' is not 'before yesterday'
    • 'overdue' is 'before now'

    Confusing... today in the past

    The confusing thing is that dates with 'today' (no timestamp) will appear in the 'past' filter.

    There is a difference in the interpretation:

    • I think, when we set a deadline to a date, we assume EOD (end of day).
    • But Workflowy assumes it is BOD (beginning of day).

    How to solve this?


    Avoid using dates only. Use full timestamps, e.g.:

    Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 9:00am 
    Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 5:00pm 

    Add EOD to dates, if nothing better can be set:

    Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 11:59pm 

    Feature request:

    Ask Workflowy to set EOD for dates without time.


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