Getting spammed with emails sent with verification code for login


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    Frank (Workflowy Support)
    Hi Molly,

    Here's a note from Jesse, our CEO, posted on Twitter:

    Wanted to write a more detailed explanation about what's happening right now with people getting login spam, and what you should do if it is happening to you. 

    1) If you are getting lots of login requests from workflowy, it means your email/password was hacked from another site. The hacker is now attempting to use that combo to get into your workflowy account

    2) You have nothing to worry about, because the hacker doesn't have access to your email. But it will still be annoying until we figure this out.

    3) If you are seeing this and AREN'T getting login spam, then you should pay attention. These are the accounts the hacker is targetting, trying reused passwords.

    4) If you have a password in workflowy that is unique and strong (like if you use a password manager), then you are all good, nothing to worry about.

    5) If you have a re-used password for workflowy, you should go change it now here:

    Also, here is our status page, so you can stay updated:



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