Transitioning from Apple Notes to Workflowy


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    Aaron Rothschild

    Hi Cindy, 

    (1) is a manual copy and paste process feasible w.r.t. to the number of Apple Notes you are handling? Advantage: You would have full control over the formatting and indentation of each note.

    (2) You might consider looking for sites that explain "exporting Apple Notes", e.g. by using Apple Script or the App Store "Exporter" app. From there you might aggregate them all into one giant note, e.g. using the App Store "Bear" app. The result may not look like what you had in mind as it may contain MarkDown syntax elements, e.g. "*" for italics and "##" for Level two headings, but it would be a quick start to a unified workflowy based notes collection.

    Let me know what path you choose for your situation.

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