Switching back from Dynalist



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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Absolutely true!

    I hope WorkFlowy keeps being simple and functional.

    I even will hate to see WorkFlowy with colours and embedded images, and fancy fonts and all that jazz.

    I read that this is coming but honestly, there are so many apps with all those features and choices to pick.

    The beauty of WorkFlowy is the power that enables a minimal Plain Text structure to build such complexes knowledge systems.

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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Images and color will be out fairly soon... Most people want it. Very few people don't. We're working to make sure the interface doesn't get cluttered :-)


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    Jonathan Rochkind

    I have full faith, based on the recent additions, that WF can add images and color in ways that keep it being "simple and functional" 

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    About switching from Dynalist to Workflowy, I've found this converter pretty useful: https://github.com/aneuhold/DynalistToWorkflowy. ;)

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