+1 Adjustable Width and request to hide "Add new column"



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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Absolutely! The "add new column" column is too distracting and wastes significant space. This affordance could be easily achieved with a minimal "+" (plus icon) following the WF super clean design philosophy.

    Even more distracting and cluttering I found the new "+ New Node" pill-shaped grey-filled button at the end of the left panel. This affordance could also be achieved with a very subtle "+" sign if needed at all. That should be more than enough for s button that is not even much needed as is almost redundant with the "+" icon in the main panel and with all the "+" icons that appear when you hover over the left panel items.

    I believe this button might be just a first rough or a WIP because it is not even correctly aligned with the rest of the elements in the left panel, it is too big in relation to other more important elements and it doesn't really match the rest of the UI design. But anyway, just mentioning just in case.   :) 

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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hey folk! Logged!

    I'd like to see a more minimalist way of adding new columns (and cards)... this will all likely evolve soon...


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    Bill Hughes

    ++1 for being able to change the width and/or having it auto adjust to the window size

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