Migrating from Trello to Workflowy boards



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    Awesome, this is very cool. I I had it on my list to do something like this. I assume you don’t mind if we build on this script?

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    Mark Harrison

    Of course, not, that's fine.

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    David S Clark

    Mark,  Thanks for this script!  I ran across it someplace online when doing a search for migrating from Trello to WorkFlowy.  I had a tremendous amount of research and development notes in a Trello board that I was dreading having to copy/paste into WorkFlowy at some point...your script worked great, and I am so glad to be off of Trello with that information, and onto WorkFlowy.  Thanks for the work on this!


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    Gary Clark

    Mark, I have to say that I'm excited about this, but am struggling with getting it to actually work.  Parts of it do transfer over, but others don't break out into bullet points. I've located one spot that is doing this.  See pics below.  Any thoughts? 

    It doesn't work here

    If I copy and paste one line previous it works.  


    It occurs right here:

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