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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi Anton,

    Thank you for the visuals and this food for thought. We would definitely like to have quick-and-easy dynamic across platforms for quick input.

    Have you tried hitting the plus button to the right of lists and starred pages in the left bar? This not only takes you to the list in question... but creates a bullet, ready to type.


    ~ Frank


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    Rachel Rahman

    Heres my wishful thinking:

    I, too would like somewhere (in the menu bar, like Day One, or Evernote Helper), or as a dock item, or a tiny desktop window where I can just start typing, after one click to activate it, without opening a new browser window and activating the left bar, and clicking on my choice of where to go.  Would be nice if this "scratchpad," or "workflowy helper" had a pre-defined place in workflowy where it is saved.  If you hit a "reset" button, you could go to the next bullet down, and get a blank page again for more quick thoughts.  Even nicer if I could pre-define that everything entered into workflowy this way is tagged with a tag that to me means, "inbox" or "find the right place for this" or something like that. 


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