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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the input. Of course, you now that a backup of one's entire account it done daily. There is no distinction between global vs. recent updates. In that sense, exporting to OPML manually (which you know about) would allow to break down exports via project... So I guess the question here is that beyond being able to import .backup files, what would be your primary use case for an OPML backup of your entire account? Would this be for generating reports (with global data) or would you do that with projects?

    You mentioned that OPML can easily be fed back into WorkFlowy. True... even via copy paste. But would this be useful to have a single OPML file of your entire account? One is able to restore one's account from a backup, which I guess is not your focus here. Just wondering if you have an easy method to glean the data you want (in any format) from a global backup of your entire WorkFlowy document.

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    I am a novice Workflowy user. Among the applications that I use, Workflowy is the best for crowdsourcing, when it is not clear who exactly can contribute.

    For my scenario, the best option is to work with OPML locally, synchronize OPML to the branch in Workflowy, and open public access to this branch. It is more convenient for me to work with OPML locally since I work with projects in different applications. And in fact, only the current copy of my data is in the OPML.

    If synchronization is not possible, then the option is slightly worse. Local work with the project in OPML, update Workflowy manually, Workflowy makes a local backup in OPML. Before updating the Workflowy, I check the project in OPML against the OPML-backup from the Workflowy using a text comparison program.


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