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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for all those details. This seems to be a very specific workflow on your part, and perhaps not something that would be used by other users? 

    You have noted that the browser app has what the desktop app is missing. I'm sure there's a good reason you're using the desktop app (offline?). Just a curiosity... is there anything prohibitive about the browser app that might serve your time-logging workflow/ needs? Is it a matter of better focus for you via the desktop app?


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    Ron Davis

    I like to have WorkFlowy open in its own window that isn't tied to my browser on a second screen. I guess I could use a different browser so things wouldn't be connected to each other. It is often distracting to have a browser open when I'm trying to focus on a project.

    It isn't a huge thing to my workflow as I can often tell what project I was working on when WorkFlowy is in the front by what else I was doing, but titles would give me grandulary if I'm working on two things at a time in WF.

    On the other had, the change to WF desktop on the Mac seems pretty simple and how people would expect it to work.

    It won't stop me from using WF either way.


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