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    Hans Hendrik Mans

    I know this isn't the type of comment you want to read, but IMO Workflowy is too relaxed about its free accounts. It is such a valuable tool, and I am more than happy to shell out the $45/year or so it costs, but I do feel sometimes that the company (and thus the product) would be much better off if people were generally made to pay sooner.

    Of course I understand that not everybody is able to pay $45/year or $5/mo for yet another software subscription, but maybe this could be amended through "fair play" type discounts? I'd be all for it.

    Having said that... keep up the great work, Workflowy team. I love how development has finally picked up again, and all the new stuff is amazing.

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    I have long thought this.


    I only use Workflowy for personal lists and not for sharing lists, so $45/year is more than I can justify, but I would be more than happy to support at a lower level.  The free account level is very generous and should still be available; this is a great way to give people the chance to try it out and get addicted slowly.  But a more moderate supporter level I suspect would be very popular.

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