Rapidly increasing memory usage with Firefox on Linux




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    Lee Granas

    Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into this.

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    Lee Granas


    Thanks for your patience. We are starting to look into this deeper. A few questions for you:

    * If you reload, does the memory reset?

    * Do you have a very large account? (tons of bullets?)

    * How long do you have WF open before you see the memory start to rise?

    * Does this happen every time, most times, or only occasionally?



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    Hi Lee,

     * If I reload, it in fact seems to make the situation slightly worse - there's a one-time jump in memory usage, about the same as if I open a new workflowy tab in the browser.
     * I have ~2000 bullets.
     * It starts rising immediately: there's an immediate jump in memory usage when I open the tab, presumably from loading up my data, and then it starts increasing at the rate indicated in my original post. It then takes ~5 minutes to reach the point where it starts swapping out really heavily and makes the computer unusable.
     * This happens every time. (And as mentioned above, I can stop the memory increase by navigating away from the workflowy tab, and start it again immediately by navigating back to the workflowy tab.)

    Best wishes,

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