Workflowy Mac App — could it take less RAM?


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    Hans Hendrik Mans

    This kind of memory usage is a common side effect of applications that are based on Electron (which essentially embeds an entire web browser to allow the app to run on top of it.) As long as the Workflowy app is based on Electron, this isn't going to change much to the better.

    Having said that, you shouldn't worry about it that much. macOS is extremely good at memory management, and in the big scheme of things, an app reserving 300 MB of RAM isn't going to have that much of a negative impact on your system performance. Specifically I believe it's worth mentioning that it's not like your computer is suddenly going to stop working if the total memory reserved by all running apps grow beyond the amount of physical RAM your machine has; instead, your OS will start swapping things in and out of RAM, which macOS is also very efficient at.

    tl;dr you'll be fine.

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