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    Lee Granas

    We finally removed it! Thanks!

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    George Jardim

    I can well understand how unloved Facebook and Twitter have become, but I didn’t fault WorkFlowy for requesting exposure via those two.  If I’m right, WorkFlowy are a small but dedicated team, trying hard in the face of some tough odds.  I very much hope they succeed in becoming the go-to app of Note-Taking and outlining.  Need all the help they can get.  More power to them.

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    It's great, thank you! @Lee Granas

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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Thank God this was removed shortly after implemented.

    We all understand WorkFlowy devs want to expand and be promoted, but clearly, this was not an elegant and coherent way to do it. The minimal, so detailed oriented and beautiful interface design is one of the most valued features of WF over all the other competition. I believe ruining that hallmark was almost a suicide for WF as the indisputable leading outliner app.

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