iPad keyboard shortcuts




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    Lee Granas

    Yeah, there is a lot on our list to fix with external keyboards and iPads. I'll add this as well. Thanks for your patience until we get this improved.



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    Steven Jackson

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm finding it difficult to use the iOS apps at all. Are there controls for anything, other than typing, dragging to rearrange, and deleting? The app is so good in Chrome on a Chromebook, but I can't use it in the way I want unless I can be just as productive on iOS. How are people actually managing to use this?

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    Mark Permann

     I also used to use Workflowy extensively and was a Pro member when I was using Chromebooks, and then I transitioned to iPad, most of the time with a keyboard.

    Handyflowy is your best bet for using Workflowy with a keyboard. There are shortcuts for item and cursor manipulation as you would use it on a Chromebook/Mac/PC. However the shortcuts aren't the same key combinations and aren't as intiutive to someone used to those combinations. Also Handyflowy is very functional, even more so than Workflowy (which it can be since it's built on top of it)...but it is also klugier & uglier. 

    In my case, this has resulted in me no longer using Workflowy on a daily or even weekly basis as my primary organizational tool. I use a combination of apps now (including Apple's Notes and Reminders), none of which is as good at Workflowy in creating and managing lists. It's not ideal. What else is new under the sun? :)

    I would also like to see Workflowy implement full iPad external keyboard support. That said, we are surely a minority of Workflowy users, and I would guess it will also be a fair amount of work to implement, so I understand why things are where they are. 

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