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    Earl N. Richardson

    Thank you -  you make great points!

    And a way I identify my most important tasks in Workflowy is by including asterisks in my tasks -  most asterisks for my most important tasks.  I use asterisks, because in the standard 'QWERTY' keyboard, almost all keys are already used a lot, except for one or two of them, including the 'Asterisk" (SHIFT-8). 

    I've been using asterisks to prioritize my tasks for about a year now.  Over that year, I've assigned the asterisks to my most essential tasks.  All my tasks in Workflowy have from one to nine Asterisks in the bullet. The higher importance of the task, the more Asterisks I list in that bullet.

    So if I'm ever overwhelmed on a given day after searching my Workflowy file for tasks I've scheduled to do that day, I just start typing in Asterisks in my search bar, and one by one, my lesser important tasks disappear, until only my most important task(s) remain. That helps me focus on my most essential work for the day. 

    I can even start at my Workflowy 'Home Page' and easily and quickly search through my thousands of Workflowy bullets to find my current single most important task (s) in just a couple of seconds, by repeatedly typing Asterisks in my search bar.  Then all my Workflowy bullets just disappear, until just that one most important task or bullet in my entire Workflowy file is displayed.  

    Thanks again!  -   Earl 

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