can't paste ctrl-v internet version




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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi there.

    What browser are you using? What happens when you try to paste? Does it paste incorrectly formatted or not at all?


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    Michael Melley

    similar - could not paste in chrome - pulled a bulleted list from an email and it would not paste, believe I was in beta.

    Quite a few little odd things happening in beta in the last 24hrs - slower, and backspacing was acting odd (ie i could not back space from one bullet up to the next.

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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Thanks for helping us try to track this down.

    For pasting not working- I'm not able to reproduce this on a Mac/Chrome in beta. Does it not work every time? Are you on a PC? 

    For backspacing- can you tell me more specifically? There are cases in WF where backspace doesnt work as expected For example:

    • One
      • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five

    You can backspace on Four and Five, but not on Three, Two, or One. That's been a longstanding way WorkFlowy works.

    Let me know if you're seeing something else.


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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    We also can't reproduce the paste issue on a PC.

    Can you send us a video or more information on how to reproduce the paste issue? Thanks.

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    George Page

    same thing is happening here. I can copy and paste into a text document,. but NG in workflowy in Chrome browser

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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Can you tell me more about what fails? Does nothing appear at all? Does this happen for you every time?

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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    This should now be fixed.

    Thanks for your patience.



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