Load Workflowy only partially with each list



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    Agreed. An alternative option could be to archive lists so they don't load at the start of the application.

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    Yes, the long loading times are really a big pain and my biggest issue with WorkFlowy.


    Right now I'm on a train journey with poor internet, and wanted to get some serious thinking done. And voila, the app which I hope works offline too, said "a problem has occurred, please reload before making any changes". So, first of when I see that I am always worried I lost changes I had already, but okay, I reload.

    And the app is now not loading , yes, my list is probably way to big. Is that my problem, that I use the app too much? Should I go back to just using a txt file? :S 


    Look, we have the data, it was already downloaded once, can't we just keep it stable so I can keep the notes I already have downloaded offline available? 

    And if I do have to reload, can't we just initially load a section, like those notes viewed & modified the last 24 hours, (and then in the background keep loading, like the last few days, etc, until everything is loaded).

    Now stuck on the train, where I could do my best work, but without workflowy - so without my notes. Really feels like a very bad experience.

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