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    As I found out, starred items are orderd alphabetically. You can reorder them adding 1 2 3... as the first symbol.

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    Adam Pearson

    Indeed - that is the case with the normal star menu display. It does give a way of prioritising items.

    The ordering in the new way of showing the starred list ( cmd-; ) is less obvious, and navigating it is a bit of a wild ride.

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    Adam Pearson

    I'd like to repeat my call for syncing starred items across devices - it's getting really tedious having 4 sets of starred items and having to do the same action multiple times on multiple machines, while not knowing/remembering which device is showing the desired set of starred items.

    Also, the new access method for starred items seems really random, and the operation is unpredictable and hard to navigate.

    A broader principle which I see as important is to make the WorkFlowy UI as seamless and consistent as possible between devices and platforms, including starred lists, key commands, and look and feel. This would have a deep UX benefit, and make WorkFlowy a habitually trusted and frictionless system, which at the moment it is not.

    Having said all that... I ❤️ WorkFlowy!

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    Starred pages don't sync with the normal sync operations, and I agree that they need to.  They do, however  sync whenever you reload the page or app. 


    So if you star something on Device 1, it updates the data on that device AND the WorkFlowy server.  In order to see that update reflected on Device 2, you need to reload Device 2.  Ctrl/Cmd+R will update a browser tab or the desktop app. On mobile, you need to kill the app and restart to force the reload. 

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