Open sub-items transitions in Workflowy (non-beta) is janky




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    Lee Granas

    The teething issues make sense, we are in the middle of a major re-write on how we render the tree, so it can be faster and smoother moving forward. The goal is not to make things worse on the journey though... we'll look into fixing that. Thanks for letting us know.

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    Lee Granas

    The rewrite is complete. How is this issue currently? Any better?

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    Hi Lee.

    Thanks for the message.

    The jankiness I described is gone now, but a few things are noticeable which to my mind are inferior to the original transition:

    • When you zoom into bullets, rather than a smooth transition between trees, the first tree fades out, then the new tree – after a moment – just pops in. I don't know if it is being loaded, or if the animation isn't working as expected.

    • The menu hover on bullets seems to happen a lot more quickly now, which seems to impact the transition of any tree navigation.

      You can try this for yourself, with varying results depending on when you click the bullet and when if the menu has shown / is showing (animating). Both the menu transition and tree transition can be affected; sometimes with jank, sometimes with odd menu showing / hiding effects.

      FWIW, I don't like the hover mechanic to show the menu. It gets in the way with the vast majority of normal navigation. What's wrong with right-click or long-press? I don't think a delayed hover is the right interaction here.

    So... still not as good as the original, sadly.

    I assume more work will be put in at some point?

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    Lee Granas

    Thanks for the extra info. We'll keep at it!

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