I lost 36000 bullets and this is how my workflowy looks like now




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    Lee Granas

    Ok to make sure I understand...

    * Your lost data is being handled directly with us, yes?

    * This bug report is that when there is no data in your WorkFlowy, there is not a starter bullet? And you are seeing this on Windows 10 Desktop version? Correct?

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    yes yes

    1. thanks to the lack of the Buffer / Trash feature and work of the support my data was lost and restored

    2. This bug report is that when there is no data in my WorkFlowy, there is no a starter bullet and almost no UI on Windows 10 Desktop version, yes.  Browser was showing 1 remaining bullet.

    Since my data is already restored I currently do not have any critical issues except for kinda critical feature request for Trash / Bullet and option to disable CUT ALL in the root folder.

    restoration process caused all root bullets to mix up instead of come back as where they belong, that was kinda confusing and took me a day to relocate.

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    Lee Granas

    Glad we were able to get the data back. Yes, a good idea to eliminate CUT ALL on the root folder. 

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