Linking Bullets



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    Super Dad

    Can you explain how this is different from including a link to another node (I do that now)?

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    Adam Pearson

    can't link to nodes on the desktop version - internal links would be great.

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    Matt Hulse

    Or mobile app.  Only way is through the browser.

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    Max Yakin Bozek

    I think that this featured has already been asked a few times using different words to describe the same function (using aliases for nodes, hiperlinks for notes, different places for accessing to the same none, etc, etc). You might want to vote up those requests, too, as they already have many votes.

    I believe this is would be an essential feature that would make WorkFlowy so much versatile and functional in imitating how "our mind works" regarding structural organizations. Many times one can get to the same point by following different paths.

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