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    Super Dad

    Can you explain how this is different from including a link to another node (I do that now)?

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    Adam Pearson

    can't link to nodes on the desktop version - internal links would be great.

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    Matt Hulse

    Or mobile app.  Only way is through the browser.

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    Max Yakin Bozek

    I think that this featured has already been asked a few times using different words to describe the same function (using aliases for nodes, hiperlinks for notes, different places for accessing to the same none, etc, etc). You might want to vote up those requests, too, as they already have many votes.

    I believe this is would be an essential feature that would make WorkFlowy so much versatile and functional in imitating how "our mind works" regarding structural organizations. Many times one can get to the same point by following different paths.

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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Aliases / Clones / Active Duplicates / Virtual Instances / Transclusions / Shadow Copies / Phantom items / Twins Bullets / Linking Lines / Hiperlinks / etc, etc, etc.

    I believe we are all asking for the same feature but with different names in a lot of different entries in this forum. But what we need is essentially the ability to reach the same bullet by following different roads. And have those bullets equally updated when you change one so they will change all.

    - or -

    This feature would allow you to "insert" an item elsewhere.

    This is not a copy, as the updates of the original item will be reflected everywhere that it's referenced this way.

    "Clone" is a temporary name for this feature, lacking a better name. Cloning still indicates having multiple copies (in the sense of cloning an animal), but that's not the case here. There's only own copy, but there are multiple references (or images).

    The way I understood transclusion, there's always an original item, and editing the original automatically changes the copies. So I was initially thinking that interacting with a clone will send you to the original, you'll edit it, and the clones will be changed too.

    If you consider all clones as equals (no original, no source) you can directly edit any clone, and the changes will automatically be implemented for all its brothers. I think this type of interaction will be a little more flexible.

    Source: Clone an item: (


    More Sources:

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    George Jardim

    The ability to “Link” or “Assign” a note to any other top-level note or topic, and have it appear there would make WorkFlowy much more powerful.  Max described it well, as, “There's only one copy, but there are multiple references (or images)”.  

    With this feature, if you changed that note, it would appear in its changed form everywhere you assigned or linked it to.  This would cure the terrible double-work, uncertainty and errors caused when you have to physically duplicate a note to different top-level notes or topics so it won’t be missed in that different context. I’ve found that as my WorkFlowy File has grown, it’s becoming increasingly hard to manage.  If you can’t link old but valuable notes to newer notes or topics, you can easily forget that information, end either do it again or fail to to act on it at all.  Worst of all, if you change one instance of that duplicated note, you’d better search for all of them and change them too, or suffer the consequences.  When I had only 10 topics or top-level notes, it wasn’t so bad, but now I have closer to 100.  Need a fix.

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