Time of creation and completion



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    I agree 100%+ -- I really need to the date and the time (e.g. 2018-10-27 @ 13:30). It used to do this, should be easy to add back in.

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    WorkFlowy doesn't retain the created timestamp data. Would be very helpful if this were added. +1

    It does maintain timestamps for both last-changed and completed, and you can use search operators to filter. 

    To filter for "what did I work on last week?":

    Likewise here is what you completed in the last week:

    (note: previously using the completed search operator would toggle "Show completed" ON automatically, you may have to manually toggle it on due to a new bug)

    re Sort:
    Physically sorting bullets by last-changed criteria isn't practical, since the act of sorting (moving) bullets also alters their last-changed meta data.

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    Super Dad

    I agree time created is one of the most important tools for organizing and sorting data, which is what Workflowy is all about!

    Mind you, that physical sort issue mentioned by @rawbytz is ANOTHER reason why the date created would be helpful (physically changing the order, and changing the last-changed data, wouldn't change the created data)

    And thanks for the tip about filtering last changed


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    Time created would be so helpful! 

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    Agree on timestamp of creation (maybe default in "%F %T" format (="%C%y-%m-%d %d:%M:%S", such as 2018-12-17 12:36:39). We should be able to choose the display format.

    Disagree on sorting if it affects the update time. Agree on sorting if update time is modified only when we change content or status.

    As there are some APIs that can create data, maybe the nanosecond (%N) could be interesting.

    P.S. Format values referring to the POSIX standard date command, which should be similar to strftime's format.

    P.P.S. Strongly disagree on the purpose of  "how long something took to do", but that's another story.

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    Jake London

    I'd love to be able to physically see when an item was completed. If I have a list of 10 items that have been completed over a week or so and I want to file them in nodes by completion date, it's more efficient to just look at the node, see that info, and then move the item. If the item hasn't moved since you completed it, then last-modified kind of gives the info you need. But if you accidentally move an item later, then that date and time updates, so it's no longer useful. 

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