Time of creation and completion



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    I agree 100%+ -- I really need to the date and the time (e.g. 2018-10-27 @ 13:30). It used to do this, should be easy to add back in.

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    WorkFlowy doesn't retain the created timestamp data. Would be very helpful if this were added. +1

    It does maintain timestamps for both last-changed and completed, and you can use search operators to filter. 

    To filter for "what did I work on last week?":

    Likewise here is what you completed in the last week:

    (note: previously using the completed search operator would toggle "Show completed" ON automatically, you may have to manually toggle it on due to a new bug)

    re Sort:
    Physically sorting bullets by last-changed criteria isn't practical, since the act of sorting (moving) bullets also alters their last-changed meta data.

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    Super Dad

    I agree time created is one of the most important tools for organizing and sorting data, which is what Workflowy is all about!

    Mind you, that physical sort issue mentioned by @rawbytz is ANOTHER reason why the date created would be helpful (physically changing the order, and changing the last-changed data, wouldn't change the created data)

    And thanks for the tip about filtering last changed


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    Time created would be so helpful! 

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