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    James R. Harris

    Agreed. More insight into which features are being worked on would also be appreciated. (Still hoping for file attachments someday!)

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    Saverio J Marrocco

    A new release seems to have introduced the ability to see release notes for new versions if you "enable daily summary emails" per the blog entry on October 31st. While this is helpful in that we would now see new release notes as they appear, I quickly realized that it drags with it the baggage of my daily changes to my Workflowy list.

    I would like to suggest that the "send summary emails" be detached from the "send release notes as they appear" and each become separate settings in preferences. In that manner, we would be able to set workflowy to only send an email for specific events (such as new release/release notes messages) and not have to endure daily emails containing our usual workflowy events.

    Perhaps the settings could have several options for this, such as:

    X  Send Daily Workflowy Summary of Changes

    X  Send Release Notes with new versions of Workflowy are released.

    X  Send (to be determined).

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