I continue to see cases of where workflowy web stops saving any changes



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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    Hi David,

    I'd like to sincerely apologize for this situation and our previous failures to correctly address it.

    You are absolutely correct. Ensuring that all your data is safe and synced is the #1 most important part of WorkFlowy and the piece we take THE most seriously.

    Two weeks ago we had a minor syncing bug that made it appear as though data was out of sync temporarily when it was still there. We fixed this and encouraged people to re-login to see the data return.

    However, on Friday we learned there was a deeper bug, which is just what you have described. In rare cases on large accounts, when the connection was lost, the data was not correctly being synced when the connection was restored. We have worked this weekend to fix that and pushed that fix to beta.workflowy.com today. It will go live to production tomorrow.

    We consider this VERY serious and we DEEPLY apologize for not catching this sooner. I also apologize if our reassurances in the past felt trivializing or inappropriate. 

    We do now believe this is fixed. Please let us know DIRECTLY (help@workflowy.com will get you a more specific and direct reply rather than the forums) if you see this happen again after tomorrow. 

    Our sincere apologies and we thank you for your well articulated post here and for your understanding.

    -Lee and The WorkFlowy Team

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