A Plea for Flat Search Results



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    Adam Pearson

    Flat search results with reordering would help significantly with long-form writing. It would allow us to use tags to draw together text from disparate locations, reorder to suit, and export.

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    Jen Toksvig

    This! I desperately want this. Am finding it really challenging having 'to do' lists that show me the whole family tree of everything.

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    The number one feature I wish workflowy had!

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    George Jardim

    This would be the single greatest enhancement to WorkFlowy! At present a search, or clicking on a tag to refine what you’re looking for produces a very confusing view.  If WorkFlowy is about making sense out of many different types of information, then this is the big one!  If Workflowy could also sort the resulting view, that would be even better!

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    I strongly support this suggestion. Am using WorkFlowy for a short while only (regularly) but you already find me here on the forum asking for this feature... :-)

    Thanks for listening!

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    James Strupp

    Plus one this.  Having any way to reduce the "clutter" of search results (Including also a Ctrl+F "find" function, like in a browser), would really make the search function many times more useful.

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