Expand/Collapse All not working on desktop browser




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    Lee Granas

    Hi Aaron,

    Actually this is still working... it just takes a very long time to expand every bullet in your WorkFlowy doc and looks like nothing is happening while that happens. We will be adding a loading icon during that hopefully soon. 

    Try it again with maximum patience. :)

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    Aaron Lawson

    I've tried again, and I can tell you with certainty, it really isn't working.

    I'm expanding collapsing a very short list of bullets, so there should be any load time to speak of.

    Can you check it out and either acknowledge the problem to be worked on, or tell me how to get past whatever is hanging it up?





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    The menu option is working fine for me in Windows Chrome.

    I actually keep the menu option disabled and just use the keyboard shortcut.  With the cursor in the parent node, Ctrl+Space will toggle Expand/Collapse All.  Much easier than all that pointing and clicking. 

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    Lee Granas

    It sounds like we do have a bug here, on our lists to fix!

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    Lee Granas

    This will be fixed when we push the new design out which should be today!

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