Client's not syncing accurately




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    Lee Granas

    Hi there.

    Our apologies. We had a bug today where the Desktop app doesn't sync when first launched. If you log out and log back in, your data will re-sync.

    We are actively fixing this ASAP and I will report back when it is fixed.



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    Dorian Sokolovsky

    Thank you so much Lee for taking a look!

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    Adam Berenzweig

    I'm seeing this too since yesterday, but the Android app is the side not syncing. It says it's synced (Settings > "synced just now", even when I click Sync Again), but several recent changes made on the web app aren't reflected in the mobile app.


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    James Mehorter

    I can verify logging out/back into the Mac desktop app fixed this for me—I now see changes syncing properly.

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    Lee Granas

    We got this fixed properly today. Thanks all for your patience.


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