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    Hi Wilhelm,

    I recommend you use the stylish chrome extention and there are several stylish extention that provide the full page width option.

    [Stylus :: add0n\.com](https://add0n.com/stylus.html)


    Of course you perhaps know this method and hope workfowy can support the funtions itself. Thanks for your suggestion.

    A positive workflowy user from China.


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    Wilhelm Medetz

    I really don't like to mess around with custom styles (did it for some time).

    I want an app with 'batteries included'.

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    George Jardim

    I appreciate that some users want larger margins for a simpler appearance. For me, displaying accessible information is more important. The present large margins can cause items to be word-wrapped unnecessarily, especially where you have many levels in the hierarchy. Easy and un-confusing access to information  is more important, so I wouldn’t mind the smallest possible left and right margins. And the ability to them manually. 

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    I would also like to have an option without the unnecessarily large margins. It's absurd that I have to size my window 30% larger than my content. It takes up extra desktop space for no reason other than it must be the preferred aesthetics of the developer. I would be so simple to include a setting to change this.

    And why have the maximum possible width of the content set at only 700px? Makes no sense.

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    Khoa D Truong

    I agree with the previous comments about "full page width". In order to avoid the word-wrap for long items, I'm still using Workflowy version until this day because it was the last version with the "full page width" option. Please allow us to choose a setting that supports our daily workflow. Thanks for all the hard-work Workflowy team!


    "Full Page Width"


    "Large Margin"

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    What about a Full Width page toggle? Without the need to install a browser workaround…

    It’s awful when you open WF in a public computer, without any browser workaround (yes, I have to use the Full Width one on my personal computer), without any possibility to install the workaround, and with a high screen resolution and all you see is a narrow document with a huge useless space on both sides.

    I’m not a developer but this should be incredibly simple to implement, due to the fact that it’s pretty simple to download a browser extension and install. But please, please, don’t give me/us the last option as final. WF should do it natively. IMO.

    Thanks for listening!

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