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    Instead of starting a new thread, thought I'd just post my one feedback comment here.

    The new design seems great. The one reason why I switched back to the old version within minutes is that, I realized, I have this habit to constantly look to the upper right corner (Saved/Save Now) and make sure that changes have been saved (much like in Google Drive, come to think of it) seeing as the wifi around these parts can be somewhat... temperamental. Wasn't able to find any similar indicator in the new design. Maybe I just missed it? Anyways, cheers! =)

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    Joel Janikowski

    I agree with a lot of this. I wish that we could choose the width percentage of the content This Centered/Left alignment mix messes with me in particular. I really like how the old desktop app had everything aligned to the left of the page. That felt a lot better. Aside of the alignment and font size, I do really enjoy the design though. MUCH BETTER!

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    Stefano Rausch

    @Fabian Click on the settings button, and you will see the Save status.

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    Matt Hulse

    Adding my UI feedback here as well.  When deleting an item and descendants, the delete notification banner shifts the whole outline down until it is closed and then everything shifts back up.  Also, while the banner is visible, if I scroll down, it goes off the screen.  I think it would be better if that banner didn't affect the layout of the outline.  To me it should be attached to the bottom of the top menu bar, not the top of the outline.   I would also prefer that it automatically go away after 5 seconds or so rather than requiring me to close it manually.

    Update: Apparently this is the way it works in the old design as well, I had just never noticed it before.  Feels more distracting in the new design than it is in the old.

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    David D Good

    Just tried out the new design, but switched back again quickly…

    … display definitely looks cleaner, but killer for me is that I get ~ 4 less lines on my full-screen window (30 lines -> 26) and one the things I like best about Workflowy is that it prioritizes content over chrome – exactly as a highly professional use-many-hours-per-day tool should!

    Also, the new fonts definitely look smaller, so while I can read them now, this might be a problem as I get older. I suggest (A) don't further change the new design to go even smaller – it's really at the limit of smallness now and (B) allow people the option to change the font size.

    My main suggestion is to (slightly) reduce whitespace between lines and make the top chrome smaller, so we don't lose lines.

    Thanks much!

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    James R. Harris

    I like the new layout. The old save-status indicator was distracting, so I'm not sorry to see it gone; if you do add it back in, please keep it subtle.

    One new pain point for me is that when I inspect the new page, all the elements have class names like _a, _b, _c, etc., rather than descriptive classes or IDs like "header", "pageContainer", and so forth. This makes it much more difficult to create user styles for WorkFlowy. Some of the complaints above could be addressed by the users themselves if people were able to style the page with a tool like Stylus.

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    I'm using the new layout and liking it generally.I especially like the new favorites list display- what you see when clicking on the star in the upper left corner.

    One thing that isn't working well for me is the pop-up menu that comes up when you hover over the bullet. It's too big and it pops up in a bad place. When I want to drag and drop, as I go to grab the item it pops up and covers both the bullets and the beginning of the lines for a good part of the page and I can't see where it is I want to move the item to. When I start to drag the item the menu disappears, which then makes it possible to drag and drop where I want to, but I've lost my place and have to find it again. It disturbs the workflow for me.

    This is also partly due to my using the 'Expand all/ Collapse all" option, which makes the menu larger. I think it could still  be improved, however by reducing the whitespace inside the menu to compact it, and by having it pop up further to the left of the page rather than centered under the bullet.

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    I stopped using the new design because I couldn't 'complete' items using my mouse / clicking.  Hovering over the bullet would bring up the 'complete / add note / delete ... (etc)' window, but when you move to click one of those options (moving your cursor off of the bullet to do so), the window disappeared.  Using IE 11. 

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    Instead of starting a new thread, I too thought I'd just post my one feedback comment here.

    I definitely agree on two points here:

    - Show some form of "Saved" indicator. It may well be made subtle, but I don't want to click something way up in the corner just for that little bit of feedback.

    - I'd rather see compact line spacing. More content, less chrome, as David said. Maybe that's just me, but I truly despise this new trend of having a ton of white space everywhere - it's not elegant, it's wasteful.

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