WorkFlowy needs a manual. Looks simple, but I don’t know how you intended it to be used.



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    John B. Kendrick

    There are video tutorials available right from the Help menu in the upper right corner of the screen.  There are over a dozen and they do a pretty good job of introducing the concepts and practical examples.  Of course, there are many useful videos on Youtube as well if you search for WorkFlowy.  It is simple to start, but applying  concepts from GTD, priorities, etc can take some thought.  I was very surprised about all of the things I thought would be missing, but have applied what I need with tags, @'s and saved searches.  I've only been using WorkFlowy on my Chrome OS devices for a few days now.  Liking it so far.  J

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    there's a lot of info on topic but a Wikia / Wiki resource + classic kick-start manual might do good for sure. Current recommendations are way too disorganised and there's definetely too much of them.

    Though people tend to love wf for how easy it is to start from point zero

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