Needs some kind of Markdown syntax support!!



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    I would also like to have, at a minimum, the ability to type backticks (`) and have code format... example: `code here`. Personally, I don't even need syntax highlighting, just monospace fonts and some background color perhaps.

    Thanks, love the product.

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    Franz-Peter Steiner

    Markdown support for notes, please. This would allow to use code snippets and formulas and much more without compromising the simplicity and ease of use. Those who don't have or want to use Markdown would not even notice...

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    Jon Nyman

    I use workflowy as a recipe book. It would be nice to have a markdown lib that adheres to the CommonMark spec like markdown-it from npm. It would look so much nicer in Markdown! SimpleNote does this nicely in there editor/viewer where you can mark it as markdown and you double click to start editing the markdown in the original format. Here's an example of a recipe:

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