Quickly insert Date and/or Timestamp tag



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    Downvoted because there is a number of third party applications both for Windows and Mac that allow for keyboard macros

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    I upvoted because you can not assume your users have the patience, ability or willing to install third -party applications to support timestamp insertion. If workflowy had this kind of feature, it could pull users to WORKFLOWY, not the third-party. That's important.

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    Matt Hulse

    There may be text expansion tools for windows and mac, but the interface should be the same on mobile too.  Dates are a key part of how many people use Workflowy and there should be a consistent and convenient way to insert them (and filter on ranges of them) without the requirement of a 3rd party tool.

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    David Coleman

    This makes total sense and seems to be an obvious feature.

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    George Jardim

    Upvoted!  I use TextExpander on my Mac, and PhraseExpress on iOS for this purpose.  But it’s annoying and time-consuming in iOS to have to switch keyboards just to do this.  You can use iOS Text Replacement, but you’d have to update the date every day.  iOS lacks a “Today’s Date” feature.  If anyone knows how to do that without 3rd party apps, I’d like to hear.

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    Steven Smith

    I'd love this feature.  Would be extra handy if available on the mobile app as well.  I track my time using WorkFlowy all the time but typing the date / time in on mobile becomes tedious.

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