Option for 24h time and created date/time rathen than only last change



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    Louis Gularte

    The created date/time option would be SO helpful! I'm also into 24h time, though I don't remember whether or not it wasn't using my computer's time format before the new design rollout.

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    George Jardim

    Date/Time Created would be one of the best additions.  Context, context, context!  You can make expensive mistakes if you act on a note that’s an older version.  Date-Stamping is a vital part of the meaning of an item.

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    The options for time format should also include date.

    For me, a European, I mainly use ISO, i.e. today 2019-07-05, as it's a standard, but also very good for sortability!

    But secondarily I have to handle 05.07.2019 (or worse 05/07/2019), so the american way of putting month first (7/5/2019) never ceases to confuse me.

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