Workflowy Tabs on Desktop



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    Tabs or just simultaneously multiple instances runned would be enough...

    I am waiting too)

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    Stephen Scaringi

    This would be great. It's the main reason I don't use the desktop app. Using the "starred list" switcher feels clumsy. 

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    Kevin J. Hess

    Yes Please!!

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    Boaz Chen

     I use the app alongside several tabs in the browser....


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    Eugene Shvarts

    Yes, multiple tabs or windows please!

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    Yes, please. Multiple Tabs would be great.

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    Adam Pearson

    Upvote for desktop multiple window tabs!

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    I second this so much

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    Jason Heppler


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    the dude

    Agreed. Much needed.

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    Dean Moses

    +1, and my need is for multiple windows not just multiple tabs.

    Often I'm working on two lists that have related information and I need them visible at the same time; switching between tabs in the same window won't do. For example, sometimes I'm cutting and pasting between them.

    For now I accomplish this with Workflowy running in multiple browser windows, but I'd prefer to do this with the Workflowy desktop app.

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    +1 as well, the desktop app should at least offer multiple instances as a start. I'm guessing tabs/windows would take too much time to properly develop, so simultaneous instances are a must. :)

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