Better iPad physical keyboard support



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    Radha Fitch

    I was so happy to see the new iOS app update after so many years! Then I tried to use it, and couldn't navigate with the keyboard and was crestfallen. Please guys, this is top priority and seemingly an easy update! Please fast-track at least that feature for next week!

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    Jen Toksvig

    I totally agree. Using Workflowy on an iPad feels really clumsy right now. Too much inaccurate screen pressing.

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    Endre Johan Myrvang

    +1 We seriously need to be able to move between bullets using arrow keys - makes note-taking very tedious. Similar keyboard shortcuts as web would of course help also :)

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    Also simple things like being able to indent with the tab key on physical keyboard with ipad don't work. 

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    Mr Rasmus Kolind

    Is there any update on this? The general move to mobile apps in favour of laptop / desktop is rife, yet the mobile app falls short in basic navigation using the keyboard on iPad. In the roadmap released earlier this year, I believe that I read that the focus was going to be on mobile app development, yet so far there has been little in the way of bring parity between desktop and mobile apps.

    Please can I make a case for improving keyboard navigation on the iPad app (using external keyboard). It is really important to get these basic features sorted.

    Kind regards,


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    Michael R Newcomb

    +1. Of all the great effort being put into workflowy, this is the only issue/gap/feature that is missing from my perspective.

    Moving up / down between lines with the keyboard, tab for indent. That's it. I don't need any of the other keyboard shortcuts or functions. I'd even settle for just the up/down.

    I've been a paying workflowy user across 2 accounts since 2012, ran my entire life with it. Since switching to using an iPad Pro as a primary device 9 months ago, I've had to abandon it. This seems like a relatively simple change.

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    wu jun

    +1 (now using logitech K780 to reply), missing the Arrow moving between items is a huge turn down, which makes me want to buy an Android Pad...

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    Steve Lang

    I posted the same exact request 3 years ago, the response was that they were going to improve the iOS app.

    These improvements are really needed for Workflowy to be a truly productive tool on iOS that matches the desktop browser app, much less the standalone desktop apps.

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    Mark Permann

    Like Michael, I also abandoned Workflowy since switching to iPad Pro as primary device. However, my guess is that it's not a simple change. I would also guess that we iPad users are a pretty small share of the Workflowy population. After all, not even all iPad users use it with a keyboard. 

    So as much as I'd like to see this implemented...I don't expect it to be (not saying it won't be). 

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