Paragraph breaks within single bullet points?



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    I understand your concern. From my experience, I want you to look this matter in another way. Why one need paragraph in a single bullet. So you may need some explanation in the bullet or other activities related with main bulleted activity. For this you may use notes for explanation or sub bullets for related activities. Workflowy only can be done with bullets and notes. If I am not correct, please describe in details.

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    Wendy Rhodes

    I think that what Elizabeth might be looking for is a way to create some space in the list so that visually things are easier to read. I just started using Workflowy yesterday and had the same question. I know from using Word that SHIFT + ENTER creates a space when I'm using bullets without creating another bullet. The same is true in Workflowy. I think the first time you hit SHIFT + ENTER but then after that if you want more space you can just hit ENTER.

    If you do this after a main/top level bullet, you will see ellipses within the space when everything is collapsed.

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    Elizabeth Beese

    Wendy:  thanks for taking the time to respond!  You are describing the "notes" feature of Workflowy.  I *do* like that notes can have paragraphs.  However, having recourse to the notes feature isn't quite the same thing as being able to have a multi-paragraph bullet point.  Most notably:  as soon as you click away from a bullet point with a note, the note mostly disappears (into ellipses, like you mention).  It's centrally important to my use (writing and organizing writing) that I be able to keep multi-paragraph points visible, unfortunately.  

    ETA: If there was a way to keep the notes fully visible during general work in the same outline, I would definitely use this as a workaround.  As it is, however, notes only stay visible if there's a search on for something within the note.  I've tried workarounds using THIS fact as well (!), but it's pretty fussy to go in and add an arbitrary character to all notes and lines in an outline just so notes stay unfurled and visible for use, hahah.

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    Jake London

    Can you perhaps explain in more detail what your use case is for wanting the paragraph breaks inside a bullet? On its face, it seems like Amaran's answer is worth considering. My initial instinct was also to want to do multi-paragraph bullets. But over time, I started to appreciate that there was a certain logic to just keeping each bullet to one paragraph long.

    It did require a conceptual shift for me, but in the end it wasn't that big of problem to make that shift. 

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    Elizabeth Beese


    Sure!  I'm trying to use Workflowy to both:

    a) house my citable research notes as "notecards" (Note: you probably remember this style of note taking from the "research paper" you had to write in English in 9th grade, hah!  But as an academic, I still use this style of atomic, source-based note taking regularly.)

    b) sort those "notecards" into various parts of a writing outline.

    I need:

    1. To be able to use multiple lines in one notecard to maintain a quickly scannable note structure.  I use use a top line for author/date/title/page number, a line below that for project keywords, and then the lines below for the note body.
    2. To be able to distinguish notecards (representing OTHER people's thoughts) from my OWN writing/arguments/headings (Note: having a very standard and visually striking notecard format as described in No. 1 is my current strategy for this, but I wouldn't holler if Workflowy introduced the ability to give specific bullets background colors, or something!
    3. All lines of my notecards to remain completely visible (not get truncated) whether currently selected or not.  
    4. All lines of my notecards to effortlessly stay together when moving them around.  Don't want to have to be responsible to always select multiple lines together; stuff is likely to get left behind.



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